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Obiectivul fundatiei il constituie asigurarea asistentei medicale calificate bolnavilor, copii si adulti cu afectiuni cardiovasculare, precum si organizarea si sustinerea activitatilor de cercetare clinica si experimentala in domeniul patologiei cardio.

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The creation of The Euro-Asian Bridge Society was inspired almost eleven years ago, when the Chancellor of the Society, Dr. Sotirios Prapas and the President Dr. Belhan Akpinar decided to create a link between Greece and Turkey, exchanging visits and surgical experience. A few months later, this link was also established between Greece and F.Y.R.O.M., with the beginning of a fruitful cooperation from Dr. S. Prapas and Dr. Zan Mitrev.

In 2004, the idea of creating a strong connection between Cardiac Surgeons from the area of South-Eastern Europe and Middle East became a reality. Today, world recognized Cardiac Surgeons from 23 countries participate in the Board of Directors.

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Euro-Asian Journal of Surgery and Medicine (EAJSM) is a peer-reviewed open access journal focused on bringing together the latest and most relevant information regarding the surgical fields, general medicine and pharmacology.

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